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Public Safety Committee

What We Do

The Public Safety Committee monitors proposals before the Board of Supervisors or its committees to establish, expand, or reduce programs of the police and fire departments and proposals to expand or alter the physical facilities of those departments.

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Recent Actions

Resolution on Increased Funding for Fairfax Police (April 28, 2022)

The Federation's Public Safety committee proposed, and the board approved, a committee resolution to the Fairfax County Board to Increase funding for the Fairfax County Police Department for eventual approval by the Federation Membership on April 28th.

Under the advice of the Federation Budget Committee this resolution was not included in the Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Association Letter and Resolution on the Fairfax County FY 2023 Advertised Budget

The member-approved resolution was forwarded to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The Federation received the following reply from Board Chair, Jeff McKay

Thanks so much for sharing the Federation's resolution with me and for all you do for our community.

I couldn't agree more, which is why the budget I unveiled last week did include targeted compensation adjustments for our lower ranking public safety officials. This was in addition to the full compensation increases for all employees that were already included.

Specifically, my budget included $6.1 million to advance employees in the Police Department, Fire and Rescue Department, and Office of the Sheriff one additional step on their respective pay plans. To qualify, employees must have been hired on or before June 30, 2021, have received a satisfactory performance evaluation, and be a uniformed public safety employee on the O, F, or C pay scales. This adjustment, which targets job classes that have seen higher level of resignations, almost exclusively benefits employees at the first two ranks in their respective departments. In total, uniformed employees who qualify for this adjustment, as well as a step or longevity increase and the 4.01% market rate adjustment, will see total compensations increase of up to 14.01% in FY 2023.

Thank you again for your advocacy and all you do.


Jeffrey C. McKay, Chairman


Patrick Smaldore
Public Safety Committee Co-Chair

Committee Documents

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