"Insert short tagline or quote on the Federation's founding principles."

This is Filler text written in Playfair Display, size 17, colored deep navy blue.


You can fill this box with the history of the organization in whatever form you like! One big essay? Great! Bullet points? You got it! You can even attach multiple text boxes or pictures to this big blue container box. Just copy this text box , past it to the page, and drag it onto the blue box. Then, switch out these words for ones of your own.


If you want to add a picture, click on the plus sign on the left, select Image, then select My Image Uploads. There you will find the Site Files, with all of the pictures you have uploaded to this specific site. Just click Add to Page, and then drag the photo to the box to attach.


If you want to move the big blue box around, everything you have attached to the box will move with it. If you type for a really long time like I'm doing now, the container box will automatically get longer with your text box. But no worries, you can also expand the container box manually. Neat, right? Just make sure to adjust the page height when you're finished so that there is a small margin of grey before the footer.


Have fun researching!