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Citizen of the Year Awards

Citizen of the Year
Awards Banquet
is moved to its traditional date in May 2023

It will be held at the

Springfield Golf & Country Club. 

* * Stay tuned for updates * *


Federation Committees will be tracking status or passage of these Issues thru the General Assembly.

Legislative Issues Pkg

The Federation Legislative Issues package is publicly available here. It has eight  Commonwealth issues for action by the Fairfax delegation to the 2022 General Assembly.

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H  O  T    I S S U E S

Education Committee Meeting




Hurray!  The next education Committee meeting on October 11 is live and in person.  Click here to read the full announcement from Nancy Trainer


On September 8 the Committee expressed concern to new FCPS Superintendent Reid about public support for FCPS starting new projects on equity, Family Life, and gender identity. The Committee suggested  three priorities: to close the learning learning gap caused by Covid, to evaluate innovation in the classroom, and to re-evaluate the lowered admissions policy for Thomas Jefferson High School.  

Latest Federation Letter

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