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2017 Legislation Package

2017 Legislative Survey

In September 2017, the Fairfax County Federation of Citizen Associations conducted its annual survey for opinions about issues facing Fairfax citizens. Your responses contributed to making a better Fairfax County and Virginia Commonwealth.

The survey had several multiple choice questions, two write-in responses, and took four to ten minutes to complete.

The survey closed at midnight September 13.

Questions about the survey? Contact Contact the Legislation Committee Co-Chairs at FedLegislationChr"2017%20@%20fairfaxFederation.org

All Survey responses were consolidated into nine groupings for consideration and review by the nine Federation committees which researched them. Each committee produced two to five draft Issue papers.

2017 Legislative Package Items

At the Federation Board meeting the week before the membership meeting the issue papers were edited for accuracy and reviewed by the board for presentation to the Federation membership.

Here are the individual issues the board has chosen to for full membership approval (each will show in clear text when the link is clicked, or you may chose to download the associated pdf version):

  • Issue 17C01 Renewable Power (PDF)
  • Issue 17C02 Stormwater Controls (PDF)
  • Issue 17E01 County-City Revenue Equalization (PDF)
  • Issue 17E02 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Free and Reduced-Price Meals (FRM) (PDF)
  • Issue 17E03 School Opening Date (PDF)
  • Issue 17G01 Modify the Dillon Rule (PDF)
  • Issue 17L01 Local Control of Residential Occupancy Use (PDF)
  • Issue 17L02 In-Fill and Redevelopment (PDF)
  • Issue 17P02 Hands Free Driving (PDF)
  • Issue 17P03 Law Enforcement VFOIA (PDF)

You may also choose to download the entire 2017 Board approved Legislation package as one document.

Final 2017 Legislative Package

These issues were discussed and voted on by the Federation Membership at its 27 October meeting for inclusion in the final Federation Legislative Package

This membership-approved package dated 28 October was sent to each of the 25 members of the Fairfax delegation to the Virginia General Assembly and to each of the ten members of the Board of Supervisors.

Index of the Issues
Committee Legislative Issue Short Description
Conservation / Environment Renewable Power Enable solar companies to compete fairly and lower the cost of electricity for all
Conservation / Environment Stormwater Controls Grant local jurisdictions authority to require developers to demonstrate that new projects will neither increase the stormwater runoff volume nor decrease water quality.
Education County-City Revenue Equalization Grant counties equivalent revenue-generating authority as cities.
Education ESOL and FRM per student funding Provide state funding on a per student basis to support the additional needs of students enrolled in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and FRM (free & reduced meals) programs.
Education School Opening Date Permit local school boards to set the opening date of the school year.
Governance / Legislation Modify the Dillon Rule Allow counties to adopt home-rule government structures and policies they determine would be the most effective in performing local functions.
Land Use In-Fill and Redevelopment Repeal and replace § 15.2-2303.4. Standardize developer requirements across localities that would adequately fund infrastructure development in support of increased density while protecting developers from abusive proffer requirements.
Public Safety Hands Free Driving Make illegal the use of a telephone while driving unless employing "hands free" technology.
Public Safety Law Enforcement VFOIA Revoke governments' authority to exempt from FOIA release under the currently allowed nine categories of exception (1) reports of incidents involving police shootings and (2) other law enforcement records.

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