Picnic and Officer Installation


This beautiful mid-summer night’s eve the Federation had its annual end of season picnic in the Annandale Community Park. Art Wells continues his well liked tradition of bringing an anniversary cake celebrating the Federation’s 73 years of service to Fairfax County and retiring Federation President Tania Hossain’s years of service.

After everyone had the chance to partake of what folks brought for the picnic, Vice Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Penny Gross, presented the State of Fairfax County to the assembled picnic goers and answered questions from the membership

With the assistance of Vice Chairman Penny Gross, we installed our officers for 2013-2014: President, Rob Jackson; First Vice President, Ed Wyse; Second Vice President, Bill Barfield; Treasurer, Scott Schlegel; Recording Secretary, Linda Boone; and Corresponding Secretary: Fred Costello.

20 June 2013